The Canteen / Matsalen (2016)

In an interactive space dancers and students experiments with the familiar in search for new potentials. What if we would become food or the texture of food? Or building sculptures together with the trays? Perhaps a dance could grow out of a position of eating or what if we dance to Sara Larsson with the trays creating a new folkdance? ​There are no places to sit in The Canteen. The audience move through the space with the dancers during the performance. With the help of each other and video projections, the meaning of everyday choreographies are explored. By providing a new take on ordinary objects such as trays, tray-wagons, fruit and food, imagination can give things new applications and also make us relate to each other in new ways.

In The Canteen the artistic team have looked at the social choreographies that take place between students in dining halls and tried to use the norms that were discovered to build a new, possible, dining hall. A place for a new collective and a place to experience familiar objects in a unfamiliar way. The piece experiments with the politics that the collective creates and tries to get closer to the materiality of the canteen, it ́s furniture, food, and eating as an activity and a way to create social behavior.

The performance is the result of a co-operative project between GöteborgsOperan and Regionteater Väst. Together choreographer Björn Säfsten and video artist Lisa Tan created an interactive dance performance for students 8 – 11 years old.