Stina Nyberg / Shapes of States

Right now, you are sitting on the first row in a big square room with black surfaces. In the middle of the room hangs a big white curtain in a thin fabric with an elegant fall. In front of the curtain, on top of it, hangs a bright blue fabric which is tied up and looks like a sort of sloppy made drape-like decoration. Every time I enter a room like this, I think about work. I think of exercises and ideas in practice, and of water bottles. I am here to interpret a dance performance for you, a story about what takes place on stage but also a story in itself.

Shapes of States traces the historical and political writing of the body by connecting the Swedish public health ideologies from the 1920’s with contemporary training ideals. Seeing the body as malleable material, which are the means through which we sculpt it? And what is the daily shaping of the body doing to the way we shape society? With a starting point in Meyerhold’s biomechanics, the dancers in Shapes of States develop a movement vocabulary far from ideas of natural behaviour. In a series of dances they tell the broken story of a human belief in the disciplining of the flesh. The performance is visually described by the dancers on stage, offering various perspectives on how to perceive the form and content of dance.

Choreography: Stina Nyberg
Performance and sight interpretation: Sandra Lolax, Sindri Runudde, Andrea Svensson, Stina Nyberg
Set design: Tove Edlund Dreiman
Costume: Tove Edlund Dreiman and Sandra Leandersson
Lighting design: Josefin Hinders
Dramaturgical assistance: Manon Santkin

Administration: Interim kultur Artist Cooperative

Produced by Stina Nyberg in co-production with MDT, NorrlandsOperan, Inkonst and wpZimmer

Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council and [DNA] Departures and Arrivals network which is cofinanced by the Creative Europe program of the European Commission.

Duration: 75 min

Opened at MDT in Stockholm in March 2016