Sorry premiered spring 2018 and is a project initiated and choreographed by BamBam Frost, created together with performers Ingrid Mugalu and Bianca Traum. Light designer Anton Andersson, Set designer Lisa Berkert Wallard and sound designer Yared Cederlund.

Sorry is an invite to a space where we play with a culture that in many ways has defined us. It’s a study of black american entertainment history and culture as well as the performers own history as US pop consuming Swedes. It’s an ever transforming, never stopping embodiment of music videos, dances, movements, characters and aesthetics. We aim to move trough and beyond these aspects while constantly asking ourselves what affect these movements have on us and what the potential of them are.

Creative team:
Choreographer BamBam Frost
Light design: Anton Andersson
Set design: Lisa Berkert Wallard
Sound design: Yared Cederlund

Created together with dancers: Bianca Traum and Ingrid Mugalu

foto: Maceo Frost,