Landscapes of I (2018)

“Landscapes of I”

“Landscapes of I” lingers between the personal and the fictional, the real and the fake, the biographical and the made-up. The piece investigates different states of the performers and their relationship to the audience. Through engaging shared situations of recognition and by bending their materiality new landscapes and emotional journeys occur. The performers works with rhythm and musicality created through repetitive use of movements and sounds, each repetition becoming a transformative echo, challenging the performers physical and mental consciousness.

With a blend of crisp details and humour the three performers highlight chosen images of themselves and images of the stage, aiming to shift and transform agency. What is real? What is fake? Whose landscape are you stepping into or out of? Is there still something that can truly be called personal?

The work is occupied with memories, manners, reflexes, conscious and unconscious actions. A hike in the states of our self-awareness, or the lack of. A questioning of the wish to control how we present ourselves, playing with the uncertainty of a fixed reality.

Landscapes of I Choreography: Björn Säfsten / Created with the performers: Sophie Augot, Ilyas Odman and Will Rawls Set and Lighting Design: Susanna Hedin, Lumination of Sweden/SuToDa Costume Design: Matilda Hyttsten Vocal coach: Pia Olby Light/sound technician: Heida Kristin Ragnarsdottir Technical coordinator/ stage manager Riksteatern: Kjell-Åke Jönsson Produced by: Säfsten Produktion and Nordberg Movement Production Manager: Anja Arnquist Production Manager Riksteatern: Malin Lundgren Technical Production Manager Riksteatern: Per Larsson Artistic Director, Dance department Riksteatern: Mia Larsson Co-production: Säfsten Produktion and Riksteatern, with productionresidencies provided by Riksteatern (Stockholm), Inkonst (Malmö) and The Chocolate Factory (New York). Made possible with support by the Swedish Arts Council, Stockholms Stad, Stockholm County Council and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee