it is as it is

For 2018 Tove Sahlin and Shake it Collaborations creates a new work in collaboration with the actress/operasinger Maria Johansson Josephsson.

A song cycle and Danse Macabre. Death is coming closer to us.

It’s ok. Taste it. Praise it. We shall all go this way.
Death. Talking to me? Yes, I surely do.
This isn’t something you can check of your “to
do list”. Death lurks around the corner.

Waiting for your turn.
We accept the fact and looks at death from the bright side.
Like a happy ending.

Like a musical, ending on a positive note. A semi-religious experience. We are born and we die.

In IT IS AS IT IS we will die before your eyes so we can all take part in practicing for the
real thing.

We sing ourselves through the spectacle of life, the prolonged acts of giving birth, the bad relationships and the close-to-death experiences that has come in our way.

Nothing lasts forever.

Created and performed by: Tove Sahlin and
Maria Johansson Josephsson
Choreography: Tove Sahlin
Musical Direction: Maria Johansson Josephsson
Light, video, costume: Josefin Hinders and
Nemo Stocklassa Hinders
Made possible with support by the Swedish Arts
Council and the City of Stockholm