Björn Säften – Lost night

In an abstract existence, three individuals come together in an attempt to talk and share a listening coexistence. They form a choir, a flock and at the same time are three different people who talk about what happened before. Together they process a multitude of emotions and attempt in different ways to categorise their impressions, actions and thoughts. Some emotions become embodied and wander away, others enable a physical space to serve as an outlet.

In Lost Night Björn Säfsten and dancers Sophie Augot, Alexander Gottfarb and Marianne Kjaersund attempt to approach the feeling of loss. Instead it´s a puzzle of fictional situations whose building blocks process what it means to lose something or someone. In the performance, the dancers use words, sound, song and movement to take in and sing out the choreography.

Composer Hans Appelkvist has created soundscapes, compositions and songs together with the dancers who perform them.

Idea and choreography: Björn Säfsten in close collaboration with the participating performers.

Dancers: Sophie Augot, Alexander Gottfarb, Marianne Kjaersund

Music: Hans Appelkvist

Light design: Susanna Hedin

Costume assistant: Linnea From

Producers: Anja Arnquist and Magnus Nordberg

Production: Säfsten Produktion and Nordberg Movement

Made possible with support by the Swedish Arts Council,The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Stockholms Stad.Co-production NorrlandsOperan and MDT
Residencies at The Swedish Arts Council and Arbeitsplatz Wien