Within Practice 2020

Within Practice​ is a festival for contemporary dance practices. Six choreographers, Kristin Ryg Helgebostad, Jennifer Lacey, Michikazu Matsune, Rani Nair, Will Rawls and Björn Säfsten, share their views on their ways of working through presentations and workshops. The festival is a collaboration between choreographer Björn Säfsten and Stockholm University of the Arts and aims to create a meeting ground between an ever-increasing dance audience, students and professionals within the field of dance. Welcome to a week of exploration of the term practice. 

The week also offers a format for sharing between and with everyone that takes part in the festival. This year we have invited INSISTER SPACE to create a stimulating democratic sharing format.

Additionally there is possibility to attend the 80% seminar choreo | graphy during the week by Eleanor Bauer, doctoral candidate in choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts.

Creating Within Practice sprung from a desire to take responsibility for and provide an opportunity to delve into the various practices that exists as part of our discourse. Today many dance makers talk about their practice and the term has been so frequently used that it’s hard to know what it entails. Is there a risk that as the field grows better at communicating through a common language, that our popular terminology tends to become watered down? Take the different meanings of practice/practise/a practice; it is an incredibly differentiated term. It can refer to how one works with choreographic practice, e.g. through a leaf blower, footwork-based practice, a text etc or how one practices or rehearses dance and choreography. As we today within our field know that choreography can offer a perspective, deal with, create, stimulate, shape and transform almost anything it takes upon itself, it ́s varied aesthetics and expressions might make the term practice so varied that it’s hard for us to know what it really entails. Rather than reducing the openness of the term, the festival aims to create a larger meeting ground where a major part of our field can come together, explore and continue discussions. Using this as a base, we wanted to approach 7 artists and show the differences of their work, taking their specific practices as a starting point for sharing. Their workshops and practice presentations alongside with forums for everyone to share their knowledge would then be the structure that makes meetings happen. The purpose is to stimulate the field, possibly build a knowledge bank through shared action and giving a possibility for common references. A practising of the language within our field, the dancing, the talking and the sharing.
—Björn Säfsten

The festival takes place in a few different locations during the week. The practice sharing sessions are held at MDT and höjden. The workshops takes place at Stockholm University of the Arts and the performance program is presented at MDT.

Registration for the program is open until Sept 15.
Descriptions of the formats and contents for the six workshops will be released at the end of August!
Workshops and presentations by Will Rawls, Rani Nair and Kristin Ryg Helgebostad are carried out in an on-line format. 
Workshop and presentations by Jennifer Lacey, Michikazu Matsune and Björn Säfsten takes place live.

All participants in “Within Practice” must be present in Stockholm 5-10 Oct. 
As we all know we might not be able to meet live in October. If that is the case Within Practice will move completely online.
All info on registration here: www.withinpractice.se

Separate tickets for the practice-presentations, if available once registration is closed, will be released at the end of September.

Within Practice 2020 is a collaboration between Säfsten Produktion and Department Of Dance, Stockholm University of the Arts, MDT and Dansalliansen.
Special support provided by The International Dance Programme at the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
Säfsten Produktion is supported by the Swedish Arts Council, Stockholms Stad and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.