New creation by Rebecka Stillman opens 22 okt

Weld Company opens the first commissioned piece by Rebecka Stillman 22 Okt as part of 3 commissioned pieces during the fall of 2013.

Rebecka Stillman

usually works in diverse functions with projects moving in and around choreography. Rebecka is primary interested in choreographic processes controlled by protocols and is especially found of ways of working not knowing the outcome. She often works in terms of translation or transposition. She is educated at Balettakademin in Stockholm, The Royal Swedish Ballet School, Stockholm University, SEAD (Salzburg) and DOCH.

Rebecka was one of the initiators to the performing arts group ches:co, active 2006-2010. Later on she has participated in artistic constellations national and international and she has also been engaged in projects initiated by others. Among themSusanne JaresandEleanor BauerLudvig DaaeAnna KochMårten SpångbergYukiko Shinozaki and Heine Avdal. She also works in a more administrative role in the new project Maximum Spaces.

Choreography: Rebecka Stillman
Dance: Robin Dingemans, Kajsa Sandström, Sandra Lolax,
 Sybrig Dokter, Noah Hellwig och Marie Fahlin.

Light design: Anton Andersson
Costume design: Erik Annerborn

Produced by Weld. Supported by Swedish Arts Council, City of Stockholm and Stockholm County Council.