Tove Sahlin/Shake it Collaborations @ Ponderosa



For the politics of hosting history and for the transforming of information for the future.

Tove Sahlin will host a performance-making workshop with a starting point in the making of tributes to honor performance and art makers of the past.

Tributes as an act of love and respect for the doers before us, and in this playful sharing of references and inspiration we will find ways to transform one ”piece” into another. What does it produce in my own art making to start with another artists work? How can we relate but not copy? And if we copy, when is it stealing and when is it honoring? Can we use it as an act of passing forward information?

We will play, pull and push the format, relate to the question of power and fame, sisterhood, feminism and white supremacy. Meaning, yes, we will also position our selves ,our taste and our canon in a clear relationship to power dynamics in the field of arts and beyond.

How are we bridges of information, if we see ourselves in the net of spreading, sharing, recommending? Is there a power hidden in who we recommend and talk about?

The workshop is a playful mixture between: instant composition and improvisation. Embodiment of historical and contemporary art work (as a starting point). Performance making in the manner of building scores, creating tasks/ frames for ones self to move within,and the more collective score of creating an archive of shared performance history and through that question the established canon and the politics that lays within that repetitive story.


Mon – Fri : 10:30 – 13:30

Fee: 130€ , Registration before June 15th: 115€


Tove Sahlin is a performer and Choreographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She is running the performance company Shake it Collaborations together with her partner.

This year she is making a piece called Miss U – a family fairytale, that partly was made in San francisco in the drag queen clubs and at performance venues as Joe Good Annex/ the Fresh festival and Counter pulse. Tove has been coming to Ponderosa since 2004 and are since 2010 regurlarly invited to teach or facilitate at Ponderosa.

Shake it Collaborations performance pieces Roses & Beans (2010) and My Own Bodies ( 2013) are intensivly touring the world.

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