Shake It Collaborations / My Own Bodies (2012)

My Own Bodies

By and with Tove Sahlin
in collaboration with Josefin Hinders, Josefine Larson Olin & Rebecca NeumannPremiere: 12 of March 2013 at the House of Dance in Stockholm
Premiere: 13, 14 of March/ House of Dance in Sthlm
Duration: 40 min

In Sahlins solo piece “My Own Bodies” she explores shaking as a movement, emotions and linguistic metaphor. The performance underscores issues about adaptation, empathy and commitment.The project will be performed and toured in two editions, sometimes in a combination, My Own Bodies – 1st edition, the solo piece & My Own Bodies – All Stars, a group piece performed by a group of 20 local participants after a two weeks workshop with the choregrapher. The material from the solo has been given away and transformed and digested by extended minds and bodies.Credits artistic team.
Choreographer, performer, project leader: Tove Sahlin
Visual concept, set design, light design: Josefin Hinders
Dramaturg, choreographer assistant and production assistant: Josefine Larson Olin
Composer, sound design, technical coordinator: Rebecca Neumann
Composer assistant: Chrisstoffer Rubensson
Costume: Tommie X
Seamstress: Martin Persson
Grafic design: Martin Falck
Photo, trailer & documentation:
The Treasure factory/ Patriez van der WensFunded by: The Swedish Arts Council. The City Of Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee