Stina Nyberg: Material Fatigue: workshop at Norberg Festivalen 2017

Radikal Aktiveringsteknik (RAT)

Come once, or every day, and get the perfect, political body now! Don’t let yourself get paralyzed by the subsumption of life by capital, join the new movement for radical bodies; Radikal Aktiveringsteknik (RAT)!

For Material Fatigue, choreographer Stina Nyberg presents the workshop Radikal Aktiveringsteknik: Movements for a radical body — a movement workshop strengthening your political agency with a firm and guiding hand. With the physical exercises of RAT, you will learn how to climb every mountain, shed all doubt and jump any fence.

Stina Nyberg’s choreographic and dance practice is related to the possibility of creating new systems of logic through conviction and illusion, in order to construct the world differently and to act accordingly. Her departure point is always a feminist approach to the body; its social and political construction and ability to move.