Björn Säfsten / Landscapes of I

“Landscapes of I”

Björn Säfstens choreographic method deals with repetition, transformation and production of ambiguous modes of meaning. For “Landscapes of I” the process lingers between the personal and the fictional, the real and the fake, the biographical and the made-up. 

Three longer solos are wowen together in “Landscapes of I” through which personal choreographic landscapes emerge. The process works with rhythm and musicality created through repetitive use of transformative movements and sounds, creating a landscapes of questions and answers. With a blend of crips details and humour the three performer highlight chosen images of themselves, constantly moving. What is real? What is fake? Whose landscape are you stepping into or out of? Is there still something that can truly be called personal?

The material has been created during scattered periods over a year in which Björn and each performer has worked separately.

“Landscapes of I” lingers among memories, around manners, reflexes, conscious and unconscious actions. A hike in the landscape of our self-awareness, or the lack of. A questioning of the wish to control how we present ourselves, playing with the uncertainty of a fixed reality. An experiment with the expressions of honesty and the so-called personal.

Choreography Björn Säfsten / Created with the performers Sophie Augot, Ilyas Odman, Will Rawls / Set- and lightdesign SuToDa / Costume Matilda Hyttsten
Produced by Säfsten Produktion & Nordberg Movement.


Co-production Säfsten Produktion and Riksteatern. 
Made possible with support by the Swedish Arts Council and Stockholms Stad with production residencies at The Chocolacte Factory (NY/US) and Riksteatern Sthlm/SE)