Björn Säfsten / Idiots (2014)

“catchy, fun, subtle”
Dagens Nyheter

“In “Idiots”, he draws the idea to the extreme and give up control in a sharp lit room. It is both poetic and physically raw and brutal. Like when the dancers tear off their clothing, garment after garment, and violent plunge after them. They create a bizarre relationship with the help of the objects ; bodies collide so that it hurts in the spectator. It is crazy and requires total presence of Lingserius and Ahl.” Svenska Dagbadet

“Fifty minutes of intense physical discharge…”

“Cleverly Säfsten and the dancers evoke thoughts on how we are guided by what is seen as an acceptable behaviour”

In the piece “Introduction”, Björn Säfsten worked closely with two performers with whom he had closely developed his work in previous creations. In his work “Idiots”, he continues on the same path, this time with Allison Ahl and Sebastian Lingserius.

“Idiots” is a work of concretism in strive towards poetry, an attempt to discipline oneself seriously towards practices that might seem idiotic. Allison Ahl and Sebastian Lingserius are trying to “become” the action of objects that they put into motion. It´s a virtual and actual game without reference to the meaning of actions as logic or narration. An attempt towards becoming present through following the flight of objects, games and exhaustion. It´s concrete in regards to the task, but multilayered because the aim to join the analysis of movement with precise execution. The objects serves as vehicles, lines of flight in researching oneself and ones experience with risk, physical presence and transformation.

“Idiots” deals with everyday objects in relation to their movements and qualities rather than our understanding of their function. The piece sees the objects as things. Things that are more than the reduction that language makes them. It´s performed with an interest of their texture, their choreographic qualities, their sound, their way of guiding us as dancers. In the same way the body is treated as a thing, making the movements for the audience at times violent as well as funny or banal. For the performers this is left without comment, without any type of production of meaning The performers strive on with their attempts rather than contemplating on the meaning it might have created for the audience.

The piece changes every time it´s performed as the objects and games never move in a exact or repeated manner. This creates a situation where the performers needs to constantly adapt, move quickly and throw themselves into discovering the very moment of movement. Idiots tries to look at discipline not only as a formal hierarchic power structure, but a way to find the will to experience the body as it creates itself in a situation of change. Pushing oneself in to intensity with the help of objects, the body of the other, with sound and exhaustion. ”Idiots” was first presented at MDT in Stockholm in 2014.

Choreography: Björn Säfsten, created with the performers Allison Ahl & Sebastian Lingserius.
Set and light design: Chrisander Brun.
Sound Design: Anna Sóley Tryggvadóttir.
Philosopher: Per Nilsson.
Music: “How Sweet To Be An Idiot” by Neil Innes © EMI United Partnership LTD.
Production: Säfsten Produktion & Nordberg Movement.

Co-production: Säfsten Produktion and MDT.
Made possible with generous support by the Swedish Arts Council, the City of Stockholm, the Swedish Research Council and wp ZIMMER.

Created in residencies at:
MDT, Stockholm, Sweden
WP Zimmer, Antwerpen, Belgium
Aktuelle Architektur Der Kultur

First performance period 8 – 10 Oct 2014 at MDT, Stockholm, Sweden

Production Säfsten Produktion & Nordberg Movement
Co-production Säfsten Produktion and Mdt
With support by WP Zimmer