We know the dance of yesterday and are surrounded by the dance of today, but what must we do to imagine a dance out of time? Where can we find it and what does it look like, or even sound like?
Does out of time occupy the future, and if so, are we not already there?

Example concretizes these questions, invoking the spectator to create choreography in their own mind’s eye. We start in the black, in a dark and cold northern landscape and are promptly re-situated in the stark and actual architectural, historical and geometrical qualities of the precise theatre space.

There then follows a journey through an imaginary and fictional landscape that eventually lays the ground, ‘sets’ the stage, so to say, for a dance out of time. After having been persuaded by our individual, discrete visualizations we are finally addressed together by a dance that insists on immediacy.

In an attempt to activate a space or method that exists between the solitary and the collective I initiated a 10 day workspace situation of working alone together and together alone. 4 artists independently pursued activities relevant to each of them in parallel time and space. What surfaced was a specific mutuality and interdependence that was scarce on compromise and negative obligation. And a dance solo. This is it and it is called Example.

Choregraphed and danced by Zoë Poluch
with: Chrisander Brun, Moriah Evans, Kim Hiorthoy, Nadja Hjorton, Anders Jacobson, Martin Kilvady, Anna Koch, Efva Lilja, Stina Nyberg, Tilman O’Donnell, Halla Ólafsdóttir, Rasmus Ölme,
Chrysa Parkinson, Juli Reinartz, Petra Sabisch, Mårten Spångberg, Jens Strandberg and Uri Turkenich
Light: Chrisander Brun