Björn Säfsten / Display (2011)

With ”Display”, choreografer Björn Säfsten bring more questions than answers. How do we create meaning to signals and symbols in a performance space and how does the audience interpret them? Bursting with vivid imagery, set to an alluring soundscape by Victor Saiz, ”Display” deals with questions of identity, games and theatricality. In a blur of tasks and interactions various situations are juxtaposed against and parallell to each other, elaquantly performed by the dancers Eric Ernersted and Sebastian Lingserius. ”Display” is part one of Björn Säfstens series ”Attending presence”, followed by ”Introduction”, opening in september 2012. It opened to critical acclaim at NorrlandsOperan in 2011.

Choreography and concept Björn Säfsten
Dancers Eric Ernerstedt, Sebastian Lingserius
Music Victor Saiz
Set design Jovanna Remaeus Jönsson
Light design SuToDa
Assistant to choreographer Anja Arnquist
Photo: Nicklas Dennermalm/Kristina Dahlberg
Co-production Säfsten Produktion and NorrlandsOperan