Andersson Dance / piano, piano

For the first time , the three choreographers Örjan Andersson , Kenneth Kvarnström from Sweden and from Norway Ina Christel Johannessen collaborates on a common projection. A project which initially was a bit skeptical. And then things happen . They become each other’s challenges , and each other’s capabilities.

The three choreographers have been working together producing “piano piano” a piece that balances between tension and quiteness, drama, humor and romance, creating beautiful images on stage. The choreography changes also from being organized and in order to chaos. 

The wonderful idea of having pianos on stage the choreographers embraced and took it in to the pice. The pianos that stands scattered on the stage becomes one with the dancers and the music. In the performance the piano gives us a sense of mystery and intensity. It also gives the pice a whole new feeling and idea of how you could dance with the environment around you. And thats a concept that gives “piano, piano” its unique style.

Together they are creating a new work with a group of eight dancers, taking the music of Schubert as a starting point. From Andersson Dance we being the dancers Paul Lee and Daniel Whiley into the project.

Dancers, Pär Andersson, Sophie Augot, Pia Elton Hammer, Antero Hein, Paul Lee, Josef Palm, Daniel Whiley, Line Tørmoen

Pianist, Asuka Nakamura
Costume, Bente Rollandsdotter
Light, Patrik Bogårdh

Co-production Andersson Dance, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Zero Visibility Corp in collaboration with Rum för dans, Halland.

To see a teaser on this work, klick here and if you want to see the work behind “Piano, Piano” klick here.