20140710: Press release: Roses & Beans at C venues during Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Roses & Beans Egypt kopia
With rosy cheeks, flirty bodies and occasional love songs, sung to the rhythm of a strict march, the performers bang their heads into the kitchen sink meanwhile they investigate the couple relationship as an institution and the template of success.4 – 9 Aug 9.05 PM
C venues

Roses & Beans is a social happening and a performance in one. It is about how we organise and experience love, and about the model of the couple as the ultimate formula for happiness. Andersson and Sahlin are borrowing extracts of life and art from couples like Marina & Ulay, John & Yoko and Brad & Angelina. They invite you to a party and want to share a very special moment with you. Roses & Beans takes contemporary pop culture as its starting point, providing a commentary on the omnipresent cult of love, relationships and sexuality.

“The result is nothing less than genius”

“A musical where the viewers are offered coffee and cake and where the actors creep up onto the knees of the audience – a performance where all the concepts are turned on their heads.”

Shake it Collaborations (SiC) is a company based in Sweden operating in the fields of performance, dance, theatre, film, radio and TV. The company was co-founded in 2012 by the independent artists Tove Sahlin and Dag Andersson. Together they form the double-hearted artistic director duo of SiC. SiC initiates its own projects in addition to commissioned works.

The SiC projects often host an intrinsic critique to power structures in society, and they often investigate body and identity politics. Furthermore, they often propose alternatives on how to shake up the existing formats of theatre and social conventions. Instead of departing from one expression, SiC starts from a concept and then chooses the most suitable form and format to address the topic and context. Roses & Beans has been touring extensively around the world since it premiered in 2010, among others Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis in Bagnolet, Dantzaldia at the Guggenheim in Bilbao, This Must Be the Place in New York and CounterPULSE festival in San Francisco, L1 DanceFest in Budabest, Kaaitheater in Brussels, Pengao Theater and Paper Tiger studios in Beijing

SiC is preparing a new solo work for Dag Andersson for 2015, which will be created in amongst other San Fransisco and Cape Town. “My own bodies”, a solo for many with Tove Sahlin, is touring and the workshop “Performing the protest” is presented in Germany and Sweden.

Listings Information
Venue C, venue 34, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Dates 4-9 Aug
Time 21:05 (0h55)
Ticket prices £9.50-£11.50 / concessions £7.50-£9.50
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