Weld Company

Weld Company is a quite new initiative deriving from the dance and art platform Weld in Stockholm. The proposal could be seen as an enabling structure where new constellations and ideas become and is aiming to rediscover and revaluate the old institution of the Dance Company. The main focus is on the space freed to practice the art form. To become the dancing body, the dancing community and through this pose questions about dance and choreography today. Dancers and choreographers from different backgrounds and ages share a common, daily and physical practice. For invited guest choreographers, the work is an opportunity to challenge oneself, to reconsider an older work, or to share an ongoing process. Within the work there are a few set rules; No Talking and No Props.

”No Talking, No Props”, is also a yearly publication made as an extension of the company, containing a collection of interviews, personal reflections by the company members and essays from invited contributors.

Weld is an artist-run platform in Stockholm for developing and presenting choreographic works. Interested in a critical discourse around production and distribution Weld has since 2006 produced, co-produced and presented choreographic works, arranged thematic festivals, symposiums and talks. Weld is supporting a wide group of young or established artists, mainly from the field of dance, but also projects coming from visual art, theory or music. Weld and Weld Company is initiated by choreographer and Artistic Director Anna Koch.

Weld Company has since its launch in 2013, with the restriction “No Talking, No Props” been inviting Swedish and international choreographers to create works and to ask questions about dance and choreography today. In April they are taking over the main stage at Dansens Hus in Stockholm.

Weld Company is not an ordinary dance company – it is a speculation, a process, a way of working – and an opportunity to reflect forwards and backwards in dance history. The project is an initiative from Weld’s artistic director Anna Koch, an important venue for choreography and art located just a stone’s throw from Dansens Hus.

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Anna Koch anna.koch@weld.se
Magnus Nordberg/Nordberg Movement magnus@nordbergmovement.se

Current projects for Weld Company

Weld Company + Yvonne Rainer: “Again? What now?”

The legendary choreographer, dancer and filmmaker Yvonne Rainer is this fall moving from a big retrospective about Judson Dance Theater at MoMa in New York to Weld in Stockholm to create a new piece for Weld Company entitled Again? What now ?. During her visit, Yvonne Rainer will also hold a lecture. On September 30th, […]

Weld Company Intensive

Dec 15+16+17. Weld Company Intensive Choreographies by Litó Walkey, Matthias Sperling, Georgia Vardarou,  Andros Zins-Browne + talks, classes, guest performance by Uri Turkenich and Geraldo Si a.o. Weld Norrtullsgatan 7 (T-bana Odenplan) Admission fee: 50 kr / day Book at: book.weld.se During the autumn, Weld Company has been working in different constellations with invited guest […]

Georgia Vardarou+Weld Company

With: Georgia Vardarou, Caroline Byström, Elias Girod, Sybrig Dokter, Disa Krosness, Robert Malmborg, Kajsa Sandström, Per Sacklén, Hanna Strandberg. Weld Company work with four international choreographers this fall. The first invited guest is the greek choreographer Georgia Vardarou (GR/ES). With the restriction ‘No Talking, No Props’, Weld Company has since since 2013 invited choreographers to […]

Weld Company 2013-2015

Weld Company project and performance dates 2013  –  2015: PAGE IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED 22 Oct 2013 Weld Company & Rebecka Stillman (SE) 8 Nov 2013 Weld Company & Litó Walkey (DE) 17 Nov 2013 Weld Company & Efva Lilja (SE) / Hi, how are you? 6 Dec WELD Company & Michael Kliën (IE/AT) 7 […]

Weld Company + Rebecka Stillman / Phoenix

WELD COMPANY + REBECKA STILLMAN “PHOENIX” Choreography Rebecka Stillman with Caroline Byström, Robin Dingemans, Sybrig Dokter, Marie Fahlin, Pavle Heidler, Noah Hellwig, Elias Girod, Disa Krosness, Josefine Larson Olin, Sandra Lolax, Robert Malmborg, Per Sacklén, Kajsa Sandström, Hanna Strandberg, Andrea Svensson, Anna Westberg. On stage Caroline Byström, Robin Dingemans, Sybrig Dokter,Marie Fahlin, Noah Hellwig, Elias […]


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