External projects

Development Project Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg

Nordberg Movement and Loco World are developing the dance- and choreography program  at the regional institution Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg 2014-2016. The project ends 31 dec 2016.

Current program found through: www.regionteatern.se




Since 2011 Nordberg Movement collaborates with Weld on funding and development. Weld is an independent platform for experimental processes and knowledge production. We gather impulses and ideas; we combine and break them down; we re-think them – while aspiring to define ourselves as something not quite tangible. Making use of critical ideas and free ways of thinking, we aim to share our physical and virtual space with people active within the disciplines of dance/visual arts/theatre/literature/ architecture/music/film and science to discover alternatives, new paths. Our primary focus is on dance and we strive towards the creation of contexts and situations that both deepen and expand the art form.Weld is supported by Swedish Arts Council, City of Stockholm and Stockholm County Council. More info: www.weld.se

Talks and seminars

Magnus Nordberg develops and leads talks and seminars about choreography in various contexts. Contact our office for more information and availability.

Within Practice 8 – 14 Oct, 2018

Within Practice   October 8-14 2018 Eric Ericsonhallen, SITE and DOCH, Stockholm.  
 Within Practice is a seven-day meeting between professional dancers and students from DOCH and interested members of the public. The symposium focuses on practice and practices from the practitioner’s perspective, and includes workshops and public presentations.

The concept of practice(s) is widely-used within dance and choreography today, some would say overused. The concept of practice can provide the opportunity to move beyond the projectification of the art, and instead insist on other long-term approaches. Practice can offer a way of generating choreography and movement, to train/repeat (to practice). In Within Practice, we aim to emphasise the inherently experimental and insistent qualities of practices, and offer a space for practising, discussions and artists’ presentations, and continue to build community among practitioners.

“As dance artists, we often talk about practice(s) as a concept, but in public contexts we seldom go into detail in discussing how and why a certain practice looks as it does. To understand and experience a practice, I believe that we need to practice it, see it from the outside and set it against our own. The format of the symposium attempts to give space for the perspectives and to create contacts where they inform each other.”

Björn Säfsten – initiator

In the invitations to the artists Caroline Byström, Alice Chauchat, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Chrysa Parkinson, Salva Sanchis and Arkadi Zaides, the discussion on their practices was central. Every artist at Within Practice will carry out six workshops over four days and then give a public presentation. Within Practice also offers a third format, a type of open source, in which all the participants contribute their own practices. 

The project will run simultaneously with Weld Company’s invitation to choreographer Yvonne Rainer to choreograph a new work for the company. We share the interest and overlap. During the presentation phase in the Eric Ericssonhallen, the original version of Rainers Trio A (1966) will be danced during one of the evenings, to set an iconic work, its practice and history, in resonance with discussions of what contemporary practices can be today.

Registration will be open from 15 Aug – 15 Sept.

Björn Säfsten: Initiator and Curator – Säfsten Produktion

Anna Efraimsson: Co-curator and Head of Dance Department – DOCH – Uniarts

Magnus Nordberg: Initiator and Head of production – Nordberg Movement

Anja Arnquist: Producer and co-ordinator Eric Ericsonhallen – Säfsten Produktion

Within practice is a collaboration between Säfsten Production and Dance Department, DOCH Stockholm Uniarts 

 Säfsten Produktion is supported by the Swedish Arts Council, Stockholms Stad 
and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee

Dancenet Sweden: New co-production model

Completed project 2014.  During a 15 month project Nov 2012 – Jan 2014  Nordberg Movement conducted a research project for Dancenet Sweden, shaping a new model for co-production betweeen the 12 partners for a joint production. The model, which was presented in December 2013, was chosen for implementation in 2014-2014 and an open call was therefore issued for artistic ideas for a production nationally and internationally. The model was created by Anna Efraimsson and Magnus Nordberg. The first open call attracted 107 international applications. Please read more here : www.dansnatsverige.se


Production know-how

Nordberg Movement talks, teaches, discusses and spreads info on production, modes and models, inspirational talks and general spreading of know-how in different fields and for different contexts.

Previous collaborators:

Danscenter Stockholm
Dance Info Finland
Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (SADA)
Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola

For more information, please contact Magnus Nordberg.