Nordberg Movement is collaborating with choreographer Eleanor Bauer to develop the project NORA during the fall of 2019. 

London-based dance group NORA has invited Eleanor Bauer to work with them. Bauer has invited NORA (Eleanor Sikorski, Flora Wellesley Wesley and Stephanie McMann) into her research on choreography as the etymological-ontological relation between khoreia (dancing together) and graphia (writing). Together, we make a movie.

Taking choreographic thought and structure into filmmaking, we write a screenplay from the dance studio outward. Sourcing our experiences of dancing for images, character, voice, and poetics, we go from dancing to writing. Culling from our polyphonic stockpile of phantasmagoric field notes, we compost/compose a nonlinear multiverse of narrative structuring and crumbling, through decomposition, recomposition, and swerve. In order to bring our experiences of dancing to the binds (body-minds) of our audience, the medium of film is chosen for its capacity to blur fantasy and reality, jump-cut and zoom between different times and places. In an effort to articulate and share how dance thinks, the movement of attention and the attention of movement is our dramaturg.

The processes of filmmaking allows for greater autonomy and therefore conversation and movement between the roles of the dancing bind and the writing bind, the performing bind and the directing bind, the creating bind and the editing bind, than we experience in more typical choreographic process where everything happens all at once and constantly, in the room with the people, in real time, in collective practice. Cross-polinating the procedural methodology and clarity of roles in filmmaking with the messy power dynamics and embodied wholisticism of dancemaking, the resulting film is, ultimately, a choreography, but one that invites the viewer deep inside the binds of its makers, rather than keeping you outside the fourth wall looking in.

Premiere: Spring 2021, dates and locations TBA

Concept: Eleanor Bauer
Created with and by: Eleanor Sikorski, Flora Wellesley Wesley and Stephanie McMann
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Zeena Parkins