Andersson, Hellkvist Sellén and Säfsten at Scenkonstbiennalen in Jönköping!

The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts is organized by Teaterunionen and will take place in Jönköping May 21-26 2013. The host theatre for 2013 is Smålands Musik & Teater. The Biennial features guest appearances with productions from across Sweden, workshops, seminars and many other opportunities for artistic exchange and dialogue. The performances “Introduction” by Björn Säfsten and “Name of the next song” by Örjan Andersson for Andersson Dance are selected to perform. Malin Hellkvist Sellén is part of a seminar “Political performing arts today” Thursday 23 may 16.00 – 17.30

Björn Säfsten “Introduction”
Friday 24 may 6 PM and Saturday 25 may 5 PM at SPIRA Theatre

Andersson Dance “Name of the next song”
Sautrday 24 may 7 PM and Sunday 26 may 1 PM at SPIRA Theatre

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