13-city tour announced for Andersson Dance & Scottish Ensemble and the new creation “Goldberg Variations – Ternary patterns for insomnia!






11 musicians, 5 dancers, one new interpretation of J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations

It started life as a study for harpsichord; a simple aria, and a set of 30 variations. Today, it’s not only one of the most well-known of Bach’s works – it’s one of the most interpreted. From theories that its structure deliberately mirrors the ascent of the nine spheres of Ptolemaic cosmology, to the claim that the whole thing is a cleverly coded rebuke to a critic who had snubbed the composer, there is clearly something about this sprawling, complex piece which invites interpretation.

Now, in 2015, Jonathan Morton (Artistic Director/Scottish Ensemble) and Örjan Andersson (Artistic Director/Andersson Dance) have come together to create their own. With 11 musicians and 5 dancers moving together as equal partners, the audience is given the singular experience of musician and dancer performing as one, casting a 21st-century light on the notes and the spaces between them. Should we simply listen to the music, or can we move?

The production is created in residency at and co-production with at Riksteatern in Hallunda, Sweden.

Music J.S. Bach – Goldberg Variations
(arr. Sitkovetsky)

Duration Approx 60 min.

Choreography Örjan Andersson
Musical direction Jonathan Morton
Set and light design SUTODA
Costume design Bente Rolandsdotter

Musicians: Violin Jonathan Morton. Viola Jane Atkins Cello Alison Lawrance. Violin 1 Cheryl Crockett, Daniel Pioro. Violin 2 Rakhvinder Singh, Joanne Green, Laura Ghiro. Viola Andrew Berridge Cello Naomi Pavri. Double Bass Diane Clark

Dancers Jozsef Forro, Eve Ganneau, Paul Pui Wo Lee, Csongor Szabo, Danielle de Vries

Co-Production with Riksteatern and Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg

Photographer Hugh Carswell

TOUR fall 15/spring 16:

17 Sept 7 PM Dansens Hus, Stockholm, Sweden PREMIERE
18 Sept 7 pm, Dansens Hus, Stockholm, Sweden

20 Sept 6 PM Växjö Konserthus/Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg, Växjö, Sweden www.regionteatern.se

13 Nov 7 PM Tramway, Glasgow, UK
14 nov 7 PM Tramway, Glasgow, UK

15 Nov 8 PM Caird Hall, Dundee, UK

17 Nov 8 PM Eden Court, Inverness, UK

19 Nov 8 PM Music Hall, Aberdeen, UK

20 Nov 7.30 PM Dance City, Newcastle, UK
21 Nov 8 PM Dance City, Newcastle, UK

2016 touring dates Sweden Spring 2016 through Dancenet Sweden (links to be added):

27 Jan 7 PM Gävle Teater, Gävle
29 Jan 7 PM Västerås Konserthus, Västerås
31 Jan 7.30 PM Kungsbacka Teater, Kungsbacka
2 Feb 7 PM Vara Konserthus, Vara
4 Feb 7.30 PM Dansstationen, Malmö
6 Feb 3 PM NorrlandsOperan, Umeå
6 Feb 7 PM NorrlandsOperan, Umeå